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We are Columbus Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Columbus, GA. Our wildlife control and removal company is fully insured and license, and we also carry commercial liability insurance. This step ensures that your property is always protected so you do not have to worry about anything other than contacting us to remove the animals causing issues. After we remove the animals from your property and ensure they cannot get back inside, we will take care of the damage they may have caused. By offering animal damage repairs, we are able to save our clients the hassle of finding a contractor who can make repairs. Our experience lets us spot hidden animal damage so we can find things like torn ducts or chewed electrical wires that require repairs for safety and functionality. Clients regularly request our repair services following extraction of a bat colony, which is one of our areas of expertise. We are able to use exclusion to remove 100% of the bat colony without causing any harm to any of these useful creatures. By fully removing all the bats or other animals, our company protects your family from diseases and other risks wildlife cause, such as the fire risk associated with chewed electrical wires. For three consecutive years, we have been the #1 wildlife control company within the metropolitan area. Call us now at 706-303-0293 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

About Pest Animal Columbus and Our Services:

We answer our phones 24/7.

Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

Attic restoration and decontamination.

Licensed and insured in Georgia

Experts in Georgia bat removal from buildings.

Columbus raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Complete removal of squirrels in the attic

Our Service Range

Our Service Range

Buena Vista, Bibb City, Hamilton, Lumpkin, and many more!

Columbus Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept as Pets

Due to the compassionate and caring nature of humans, it will not be impossible for them to take home an abandoned baby animal in the wild. They will attempt to raise them as pets. However, there are some reasons why you should never do this. Instead, you should call the assistance of the wildlife rehabilitation center. Wild animals have been associated to numerous threats and you do not want to expose your kids to these dangers.

Reasons Why Wild Animals Should Never Be Kept as Pets
Wild animals should be treated as wild animals and not as pets. While you think that you are helping them by taking them out of their natural habitat, you will also prevent their survival instinct and skills to develop. Here are more reasons that will convince you to avoid keeping wild animals as pets.

It is Illegal
Taking the animal forcefully in the wild is against the law. You will need a permit in order to remove the animal from their natural habitat. This means that buying a wild animal from an unscrupulous supplier is also illegal. The city’s animal welfare department might visit you and if you failed to show them the important documents then the animal will be taken away from you. The process of securing the permit to make everything legal would be time consuming and arduous. You will need to show proof that you are capable of housing a wild animal.

Wild Animals Are Wild
The domestication process will take centuries. For instance, the domesticated dogs which took thousands of years to tame are still showing signs of being wild. They will chew different objects, chase the balls, etc. Do not expect that the animals will behave just like your house cat or dog.

They Are Carrier of Diseases
A lot of wild animals are possible carrier of various diseases. For instance, the urban mammals such as raccoons and squirrels can carry rabies. Some of them will not show any sign of infection and it will be too late once you figure out that you have been infected by the virus. According to the reports of USCDC, thousands of Americans are acquiring salmonellosis from amphibians and reptiles. Therefore, bringing home a wild animal will make your house unsafe for the family members.

They will Not Remain Small
You are probably adopting a wild animal since their cute and cuddly appearance as a baby caught your interest. Unfortunately, these animals will not be a baby forever. There are hundreds of wild animals that are being abandoned by their owners. Since the animal has become dependent to their owners, they do not have the skills needed to survive in the wild. They do not know how to avoid the predators or to hunt for foods.

If you come across a baby bunny in the wild, there is a possibility that they do not need to be rescued. Most mothers will leave their babies during the day to avoid attracting the attention of the predators. When the night comes, the mother will retrieve her babies.