What to Do if Bitten by a Georgia Possum

Columbus possums are docile animals and will choose to flee if there is a sign of threat. A bite from this creature will be a rare occurrence. However, it does not imply that it will not happen to you. It is best to be prepared and know the things that you need to do if you have been bitten by a possum. Luckily, Columbus possums do not always carry diseases. This is because their body temperature will not provide an ideal setting for these pathogens. Nonetheless, infection may still occur from the bite of the possum.

Things to Do If You’ve Been Bitten by Possum
Most people will fear the presence of the possum since they believe that it is aggressive and will be ready to launch an attack. However, this is simply a defensive posture of the creature that aims to intimidate the attacker. Usually, they will go into a ‘shock’ where they will imitate the characteristic of a dead creature. However, you should still not discount the fact that they are armed with teeth and claws that may cause injuries.

Cleaning the Wound
Wash the site of the wound with a warm water and soap thoroughly. If possible, use a soap that comes with anti-bacterial properties. Rinse the soap in a running water to ensure that the residue of the soap will be removed completely. If the wound is small, you should apply an antiseptic ointment on the wound before you apply a band aid on it. If you suffered a severe injury from their attack, put an antibiotic on the wound before covering it with a dressing. The probability of contracting an infection from a possum bite is relatively low. On the off chance that an infection develops, see your local physician immediately.

Should I Get A Rabies Vaccine
In some states or municipalities, they might recommend rabies vaccine. However, in most states, tetanus vaccine might be administered and not rabies vaccine since it is highly unlikely for the rabies virus to thrive in the body temperature of the possum. The medical process that will be conducted will depend upon the depth and the seriousness of the wound. Usually for a shallow wound, it would be enough to place a few drops of betadine and wrapping the wound with a plaster.

Signs of Infection
Tularemia can be transmitted through the bite of the infected animal such as the opossum. In case you have a possum infestation, it is advisable to seek the help of the professionals to remain safe from the transmission of the disease. Some of the symptoms of this disease include persistent infection on the affected site. Treating the infection will require the long-term administration of antibiotics. Our pets are the common victims of the possum bites. If they acquire a shallow or superficial wound from the bite of the possum, this may not require a visit to the vet’s office. However, there are also situations when it will have to be stitched and your dogs will need to be injected with tetanus vaccine.

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