An Overview on the Intelligence of Squirrel

If you have a birdfeeder in your yard, you will have a glimpse of the squirrel’s level of intelligence. You will know how cunning and crafty they are, and nothing will stop them from getting their hands on those tasty birdseeds. Their ability to find a way to steal the birdseed is an indication of their ability to adapt on situation which shows their cleverness.

How Intelligent is a Squirrel?
The Georgia squirrels can show their high level of intelligence. They are known for their habit of putting an intricate fake food storing display that aims to deceive the onlookers. This is designed to trick the birds or the other squirrels that might steal their food. Here are more evidences of the animal’s intelligence. Intelligence While the squirrel might not be able to write the most complicated algorithm or achieve a perfect score in your calculus test, squirrel is still one of the most cunning creatures in the animal kingdom. When you are gauging the intelligence of the animal, you shouldn’t compare them to the standard of the human intelligence. The optimum way to measure their intelligence is to observe how they adapt to the changes in their environment. The squirrels can survive in different condition if there is an adequate source of food and water. They have successfully adapted in the urban setting wherein they were viewed by homeowners as nuisance creatures.

They Are Quick Learners
Columbus squirrels can also learn things quickly. They can learn new skills by merely observing things. A study that was conducted at the UniverColumbus of Exeter showed how the squirrels can learn tricks by observing the action of the other squirrels. Having the capacity to learn by observing things is a sign of a complex abstract thought.

The Columbus squirrels are burying nuts in order to ensure that they will have enough food. This skill will not be useful if they cannot remember the place where they burry their foods. Time and again, squirrels have proven that they have the memory to remember the location of their food stash. According to the study conducted at the Princeton UniverColumbus , squirrels can use spatial memory to find the nuts that they have buried. They can also memorize the safest and easiest way to return to their den.

Repelling the Thieves
On the off chance that the squirrel happens to come across the food stash of another squirrel, it will surely take advantage of their food. In order to deter potential thieves, the squirrels are known for reburying their nuts multiple times. By moving the food around, it will be difficult for the potential thieves to steal their food. In case there is an onlooker, the squirrel will act like they are burying their food. This is a form of tactical deception that is exclusive for creatures with high level of intelligence such as primates. When a danger is present, the creature will move in an erratic path. This is designed to deceive the predators and will give them time to escape. This is also an indication of the squirrel’s intelligence.

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